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Fred & Myrtle - Triple Scented Soy candle - Rotness

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Fred & Myrtle candles are hand poured in Western Australia using premium natural soy wax. The special wood wick softly crackles, reminiscent of a wood fire.
Tree Bark – Green Leaves – Citrus

Imagine a thick layer of leaves crunching underfoot, as you are dwarfed by a forest of giants… The towering  Karri trees form a mystical canopy around you. You can’t help but daydream about the inhabitants of the forest. Every scurrying noise causes you to stop still for a moment. The scent of rain in the air is the only reason you slowly head back to the warmth of the wood fire in your tiny cabin.

Fragrance lever is Strong
Burn time is approximately 60 Hours
The dimensions of the candle is 100 x 85mm