Small Sheepskin Rug With Zipper

Small Sheepskin Rug With Zipper

Price: $79.95

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This innovative sheepskin rug containes a built in zipper. The perfect place to store your PJs. Comes in 2 sizes

Sheep Skin Rugs are Australian Made. Eagle Wools has been manufacturing sheepskin products since 1979. Sheep Skin Rug are just one of the many 100% Australian made products we sell from our South Fremantle store.

Price: $79.95

– Wool is natural, and therefore generally non-allergenic

– A natural insulator to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer

– Helps to heal sensitive or inflamed skin and rashes

– Wool can help to lower your heart rate and relax you

– Sheepskin absorbs static electricity caused by friction and wont give off an electrical charge like synthetic fabric

– Absorbs sweat immediately and submits into the air seven times faster than synthetic materials

– Activates the blood circulation and the immune system relaxing you.

– The lanolin in the sheepskin is similar to the oils in human skin, allowing it to help heal sensitive skin or rashes

– The lanolin also provides natural sheepskin with a self-cleaning quality when it is hung out in the air to dry

– Sheepskin is dirt and bacteria resistant

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