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IKOU Essential Oil Melts

Hand-Made in the Blue Mountains, Australia 100% Natural wax Melts…
iKOU Melts are blended according to the principles of Aromacology, the study of scent and the powerful effect it has on our emotions.

Natural wax oil burner melts are the fuss-free, superior alternative to traditional oil and water use, as the temperature of the wax stays cooler than water protecting the essential oils from overheating. As the wax never evaporates, the oil burner bowl also stays nice and clean (compared to using water which often bakes the essential oils into the bowl as it dissipates).

Calm – Calm blend includes the essential oil benefits of Lemongrass, Lime and Lavender. This room cleansing blend will leave you feeling balanced and clear with the inspiring feeling of a fresh start.

De-Stress – De-Stress blend includes the essential oil benefits of Lemon, Lavender, Geranium, Clementine & Patchouli. This blend is designed to leave you feeling relaxed and calm, quietening the mind and promoting peace and quality sleep

Nurture – Nourishing blend of Italian Orange, Cardamom and Vanilla. This blend is designed to have a mood lifting effect when feeling mentally fatigued or stressed. Orange Oil is well known to promote happiness and calm.

Peace – Soothe and Nurture the heart with Pure Rose, Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang Oils. Highly concentrated, It takes over 30 roses to produce a single drop of rose oil. Rose is directly associated with the heart, the core of our emotions. This blend is designed to nurture, comfort and soothe the soul.

Zen – A balancing blend of Green Tea and Cherry Blossom. This blend is designed to promote positive thoughts, refresh the mind and remove mental fatigue.

Happiness – Create a blissful holiday mood with tropical Coconut & Lime. his blend is designed to evoke memories of a holiday on an exotic island, giving a feeling of blissful relaxation.

IKOU Aromatherapy Melts are just some of the many 100% Australian made products we sell from our Eagle Wools South Fremantle store.