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iKOU - Aromatherapy Roll On 10ml

We have 4 available Roll on’s in store at Eagle Wools.

The iKOU Aromatherapy Revive Roll On lifts the spirits and clears the mind with refreshing lemon myrtle & lime essential oils.
Awaken the mind and feel a renewed sense of inspiration and focus.
This roll on is a great reviving boost throughout your day.

The iKOU Aromatherapy Sleepyhead Roll On has deeply relaxing essential oils to promote a sense of peace.
To use just rub onto temples and upper chest just before falling into deep, healing sleep. Re-apply if you wake during the night.
Free yourself of all thought, and allow your body and mind to get the rest they need and deserve.

The iKOU Aromatherapy Muscle Relax Roll On contains a trio of eucalyptus infused with kunzea to ease muscular tension and refresh the mind.
It has fast acting essential oils to give a soothing, cooling effect to the skin.
Use the pressure point roller to massage in to temples and areas of tension in the neck and shoulders. Breathe deeply and relax..

The iKOU Aromatherapy De-Stress Roll On captures the essence of a soothing day spa. It is a calming blend of pure essential oils to soothe stress & relax the mind.
Calm and quieten the mind with lavender & geranium layered with the uplifting freshness of lemon and clementine to replenish energy.
Base notes of patchouli ground and balance to leave you feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

iKOU – Aromatherapy Roll On 10ml are just some of the many 100% Australian made products we sell from our Eagle Wools South Fremantle store.