Flower Box – Large Tri-Wicked Scented Candle

Flower Box – Large Tri-Wicked Scented Candle

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Flower Box premium Tri-Wicked Scented Candles offer beautiful scents and are long-burning. This is the large sized Flower Box candle and comes in a variety of different scents:

Spring – Natural and crisp – reminiscent of Spring’s first morning bloom. Sweet and floral middle notes of White Magnolia and Peach are met and embraced by the crisp citric and mint notes of Bergamot and Peppermint. Vanilla and Patchouli set the stage with a creamy undertone as subtle as can be.

Summer Fig – An uplifting fragrance bursting with invigorating fruit and citrus notes. The fresh citrus smell of Orange Zest, Grapefruit and Passionfruit are beautifully complimented with the raw scent of Red Apple and, most importantly, Fig. A summery favourite that will enhance your mood with fresh smells and vibes.

Floriade – Perfect for entertaining. Floral notes of all kinds dance together in this refreshing blend bursting with Cyclamen, Gardenia and Jasmine. Natural notes of Fir Needle and Balsam (with a touch of pink grapefruit) are enjoyed by those with an inquisitive nose.

Fresh Lemongrass – The unmistakable fragrances of lemongrass and lime zest are here merged with fresh lemon peel over soft floral and vanilla undertones. This revivifying fragrance will have you energised and feeling fresh.

Winter – As the autumn evenings give way to winter and we cozy up to enjoy an evening inside, ‘Winter’ becomes the perfect reminder of the harsh world of elements existing outside our home. ‘Winter’ embraces the contrast of things fresh and crisp with others worn and known. It embodies comfort; with the warming notes of Leather, Musk and soothing Vanilla beautifully contrasted with fresh scents of Vetiver and Oak Moss. Topped with elusive hints of fresh Jasmine, Blood Plum, Rosewood and Raspberry.

Mint & Lavender – A stunning combination of well known fragrances that have already stood the test of time. Lavender flowers are bathed with clean notes of freshly picked Peppermint and Spearmint sprigs and the unmistakable scent of Gardenia. This tastefully familiar fragrance promises to deliver pure relaxation.

Flowers & Pear – An opulent fragrance. Fresh top notes of green pear, freesia and amber combine luxuriously with the earthy base notes of patchouli and cedarwood.

Vanilla Wood – Creamy Vanilla luxuriously bonded with sturdy Sandalwood and warm Amber creates a faux-modern scent. Orchid and Jasmine help to soften the Sandalwood – enveloping and enhancing its surroundings.

This products is available in store only

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