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The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company - Eucalyptus Wool Mix

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The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company  – Eucalyptus Wool Mix

All Natural Formula, Top or Front loaders and hand washing, Woollen Towels Lingerie and swimwear, Up to 33 washes a litre. Bygum Eucalyptus Wool Mix contains a blend of naturally derived soaps and our powerful 100% pure Bygum “Blue Mallee” Eucalyptus Oil to clean, freshen and pamper your most delicate items.
Bygum Eucalyptus Wool Mix is suitable for hand or machine washing (Topor Front loaders).
Bygum Eucalyptus Wool Mix is recommended for woolens, towels, lingerie and swimwear and most other garments that require extra care when washing.
Bygum Eucalyptus Wool Mix is also Grey water and Septic safe.
The large quantity of pure eucalyptus oil in Bygum Wool Mix provides additional and effective cleaning and stain removal and well as deodorising and freshening.
1 litre will provide up to 33 washes in a front loading washing machine and up to 50 hand washes.

The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company is just some of the many 100% Australian made products we sell from our Eagle Wools South Fremantle store.

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