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The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company ByGum Aussie Bush Spray

Super strength
Long Lasting
All Natural

A natural formula that flies mosquitos and other annoying flying things in the bush don’t like
Just spray on exposed areas and on clothing, under hat brims and so forth.
For your face and other sensitive areas spray on hands and rub plenty on.

For best results apply liberally and make sure the spray actually lands on you not just blows away in the wind – that way you get much better results and it will last much longer.

Bygum Aussie Bush Spray is also great for spraying in and around the openings of swags and tents when is use and also before you roll them up and put them away afterwards.

The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company is just some of the many 100% Australian made products we sell from our Eagle Wools South Fremantle store.

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