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Second Nature Botanicals

Eagle Wools is a proud supplier of Second Nature Botanics products. We stock Second Nature Botanics boots, belts, shirts, trousers, caps, bags, jackets, decals and more.

Kirsty & Noel are the founders of Second Nature Botanics. Second Nature Botanics are based in Fremantle.  Kirsty and Noel believe health & wellness is achieved with a balance of environmnent, mind, body & spirit. Simple, safe and sustainable products naturally grown. Second Nature Botanics are made in beautifully designed glass containers which are completely reusable and refillable to be used again and again.
Second Nature Botanics Products
Find our Second Nature Botanics products listed below. If you have any questions please feel free to call us on 08 9336 2155, or send us a message. Alternatively see our Second Nature Botanics stock in store at 229 Hampton Rd, South Fremantle, Western Australia.