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  • Buying Souvenirs In Perth Here’s Where To Go

    Buying Souvenirs in Perth? Here’s Where to Go!

    There’s nothing like visiting a new place to broaden the mind. You can get so much out of travelling. Experiencing…

  • Supporting Our Farmers Beyond The Drought

    Supporting our Aussie Farmers beyond the drought

    How Amazing has the support been for the farmers during this drought! It really warms my heart to see the…

  • What’s All The Fuss About Ugg Boots

    R.M. Williams is Rapidly Expanding Their Business

    At Eagle Wools, we go out of our way to stock only 100% Aussie-made products whenever possible. We actually manufacture…

  • Eagle Wool Grandad

    Anzac Day… It’s A Bloody BIG Deal

    Anzac Day is less than a week away. Sadly, most Australians seem more focused on enjoying the mid-week public holiday…

  • Bak Anzac Biscuits Proudly This Anzac Day

    Bake ANZAC Biscuits Proudly This ANZAC Day

    Baking some ANZAC Biscuits is a great way to spend some time to reflect and appreciate what the ANZACS did…

  • Infant Care Rugs Eagle Wools Fremantle Perth

    The Benefits of Sheepskin Rugs for Babies

    The excitement of a new baby coming into the world is unlike any other feeling. Even if you’re an old…

  • Hand Made In Store Eagle Wools Frematle Perth

    The Most Authentic Perth Tourist Attraction – Eagle Wools

    It’s all too easy to fall into the tourist trap of never venturing farther than the souvenir shops when you…

  • Why Every Driver Needs Australian Made Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

    Why Every Driver Needs Australian-Made Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

    We all want to enhance the appeal and comfort of our car interior. We spend so much time driving from…

  • What’s All The Fuss About Ugg Boots

    What’s All the Fuss About Ugg Boots?

    The Ugg boot is a type of footwear that divides opinion across the board. The footwear has been made in…

  • Akubra Hats Eagle Wools Perth Fremantle

    What are Akubra Hats Made From?

    When you think of Australia, it’s likely that Akubra hats come to mind. Akubra is a company that’s associated with…