Akubra Hat Making

Have You Ever Wondered How An Akubra Hat Is Made?

Akubra hats are synonymous with Australian life. But, did you ever stop to think about the incredible craftsmanship that goes into making each and every one of these pieces? It takes around six weeks to create just one Akubra hat. All Akubra headwear is made using traditional processes that have hardly changed in 140 years! So, let’s take a look at the hat-making process.

How Akubra Hats Are Made

OMG – Have you seen how the Akubra hat is made? It makes us even more proud to be Australian.

Posted by Eagle Wools on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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The 10 Step Akubra Hat Making Process

Step One Akubra Hat Eagle Wools Fremantle

The 10 Step Akubra Hat Making Process

Step One

Cleaned rabbit fur is mixed in a special blowing machine with eight sections. All dirt, clotted hair and felt is removed. The end result of this initial part of the process is akin to a sheet of downy, soft fabric.

Step Two Akubra Hat Eagle Wools Fremantle

Step Two

To interlock the fibres, the fur is now sucked into a large rotating cone. Hot water is then sprayed onto it, creating a huge fragile piece of felt.

Step Three Akubra Hat Eagle Wools Fremantle

Step Three

Next, the delicate material is cloth-wrapped and put between rollers to begin the shrinkage process. Initially, the shrinkage takes place rapidly. The process makes the felt tighter and stronger until the shrinkage rate is reduced. This is repeated as the hat is repositioned, ensuring that the pressure is even

The hats are then placed into an apron machine to make them three times smaller than they were to begin with.

Stepfour Akubra Hat Eagle Wools Fremantle

Step Four

The dyeing process is begun. A large dyeing vat can hold as many as 200 hats. The brims are now soaked in a shellac mix. This process is known as proofing and helps make the brim durable and the crown to keep its shape.

Step Five Akubra Hat Eagle Wools Fremantle

Step Five

It’s at this point that the hats are given their shape. They’re also dipped in hot water to make them pliable. In a process called blocking, metal fingers help the hats take their final form. The brims are now broken out.

Step Six Akubra Hat Eagle Wools Fremantle

Step Six

The sixth step is known as stoving. The hats dry in large ovens overnight.

Step Seven Akubra Hat Eagle Wools Fremantle

Step Seven

The seventh step is pouncing. Each hat is sandpapered on a fast-moving wheel to give them their final finish. Excess dust is brushed off. It’s then that the hats are rigorously quality-inspected. After this point, the hat body is pulled over a block of wood where a metal ring holds the hat band at the bottom and the brims are stretched flat.

Next, the hats are ironed automatically. The heat of the iron reacts with the shellac, setting the brim and providing firmness. A process called rounding then trims any excess brim.

Step Eight Akubra Hat Eagle Wools Fremantle

Step Eight

Eight out of ten hats leave the Akubra factory pre-creased with the crown already in its final shape. Each hat is put in an aluminium dish on a rubber mould, so it can set. The hats are steamed on a well-maintained huon pine block that’s the right shape and size.

Step Nine Akubra Hat Eagle Wools Fremantle

Step Nine

Trimmings such as the leather sweatband are created and stamped with the Akubra crest in gold foil, information that the hats are Aussie-made and also the name of the hat model. These are then fitted carefully to each hat.

The hats then go through the flanging process. They’re put in frames to give the brims their final shape using a wet cloth and hot sand bags to painstakingly change the brim shape.

Step Ten Akubra Hat Eagle Wools Fremantle

Step Ten

The hats are now packed, ready to go into shipping containers and sent out worldwide to distributors such as us, Eagle Wools.

So, there you have it. When you purchase an Akubra hat, you can be assured of good, traditional Australian quality and craftsmanship.

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