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An Australian Family Tradition – Eagle Wools Ugg Boots

Eagle Wools is one of the few stores around that only stocks 100% Australian made products. We manufacture most of our sheepskin products at our South Fremantle premises where you can come and visit and see Ugg boots made right before your eyes.

Our business is an Australian family tradition, we have hand made our products since 1979. We are proud of what we make and we back it up with a 2 year 100% money back guarantee to prove it! Try getting that from China.

Over the years, although the world has changed significantly, Eagle Wools continues to embody true Aussie values of family, mateship and hard work, with a ‘give it a go’ attitude.

For a true Australian experience, visit Eagle Wools and watch 100% Australian Ugg boots and a variety of other sheepskin products being made right before your eyes.

Eagle Wools Sheepskin Products Perth
Eagle Wools - 229 Hampton Rd South Fremantle
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Eagle Wools Ugg Boots Perth

Aussie Made & Going Natural… It’s What Eagle Wools is All About.

Here at Eagle Wools we are passionate about supporting local, aussie-made products. We not only stock the big Aussie brands such as R. M Williams, Barmah Hats, Akubra, Woolerina & Mini Jumbuk, we also support many local WA suppliers that you may not have heard about. Truly unique products to give your home a unique touch, or great for souvenir or gift ideas.

We are big advocates of using all natural products that don’t contain all the artificial junk in them. We stock a range of locally made organic and natural candles, cleaning products, hair, face & body care products, oils, perfumes, deoderants and more.

Visit us at 229 Hampton Rd, South Fremantle WA 6162

Quality Workmanship

We only use the finest materials and we guarantee the quality and workmanship of everything we make.

True Aussie Brands

We stock all the true blue Aussie brands from R.M Williams and Akubra through to Woolerina and Mini Jumbuk.

40+ Years Strong

Eagle Wools has been manufacturing sheepskin products (Uggs, Rugs, Car Seat Covers, etc) for over 40 years.


We are one of the few companies that stock truly Aussie Made. We care about supporting the locals and help connect people with nature.

  • We recommend Eagle Wools to anyone looking for cozy wooly products. Top quality and locally made. Customized fits and fabulous customer care!!

    Kate Sewell
  • Love the Boots. I wanted UGG boots so when my Mother-in-law went to Australia she picked a pair for me. I have had it for over 4 years and I can’t compare the comfort and Warmth with any other shoe. My other (UGG) boots are is a JOKE when it comes to warmth. My feet are always cold in them, but these EAGLE WOOLS UGGs are such a blessing to my cold feet. Thank you
    Sarah Limbu
  • What a great place ; I have had my ugg boots for 3 years; the sole on 1 boot needed repairing; I took them in on Monday ; picked them up on Thursday. Not only did they fix the sole, they did both soles & put new binding on the top of the boots so they match. I have a new pair of ugg boots now. thank you very much. I will be back.

    Effie Nicholson